Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You might be wondering.

  • What kind of employment contract will I receive?

    We offer definite contracts of employment for one year with a possible extension.

  • What are the working conditions at ZQS like?

    ZQS is a Maltese company, so Maltese employment law applies. We grant you 28 vacation days per calendar year, for shorter periods of employment the vacation entitlement is calculated proportionally. It is important to us to provide an environment in which our employees are treated fairly and can develop their potential. Of course, we also provide proper training in order to be able to do justice to the tasks set.

  • Why should I apply to ZQS?

    ZQS is a fast-growing outsourcing company that offers you many opportunities for professional and personal growth. ZQS is based in Pietà, Malta, a fascinating place to live with unique historical and modern influences.

    The meeting of different nationalities at ZQS promotes a constant multicultural exchange and helps you to develop your social skills and cultural understanding. ZQS offers you an ideal and professional working environment and modern office equipment. We value our employees as the company’s greatest asset.

  • Do I need a work permit?

    As an EU citizen you do not need a work or residence permit in Malta.

  • Am I insured during the Work and Study Program?

    By working with us and paying the social security contributions you are insured by the state. You can use the services of the state polyclinics and the hospital free of charge. We will take out private health insurance for you, with which you can alternatively visit a private clinic. This is common in Malta especially for preventive medical checkups to avoid long waiting periods in the public health system.

  • What is the working environment like at ZQS?

    We work in teams with 10-20 team members. A shared kitchen invites you to have lunch or a coffee with your colleagues. In our company, you can wear casual clothes and we like to celebrate our Birthday and Christmas parties together.

  • What do I have to prepare before I start at ZQS?

    An entry or work permit is not necessary for EU citizens. We take care of the registration of your employment with the Maltese Employment Office and the Social Security and Tax Offices. We help you with the application for the Maltese “Residence card”. All you have to do is find a suitable flight and we take care of the necessary registrations. We will provide you with an information package containing all relevant information.

  • Is there any support after my arrival in Malta and what should I do first?

    We offer a pick-up service from the airport to your host family or accommodation. Costs will be covered by ZQS. Your new colleagues, the team leaders and the management at ZQS would like to give you an easy start in Malta and are available to answer all your questions. You can concentrate on discovering Malta, improving your language skills and getting into office work.

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